Sunday, June 21, 2015

(Liver) Healing From the Core

Do all these veggies make you wonder, whatz cookin’? Well in this case it’s my dog’s food. Wait, wait. Keep reading, I’m not an over- the-top pet owner…what I am is a concerned person whose small dog has liver damage. I have heard that it is not uncommon for small dogs here in Honduras to have liver problems ...they are generally put to sleep. According to the research I’ve been doing on the subject, liver damage is a common condition EVERYWHERE regardless of size so I’m sharing what I’ve learned to help others.

 Our awareness of this problem came after our dog, Magna, dislocated her leg running from a 4 legged bully. This event began a series of visits to the vet, multiple medications for inflammation and pain, as well as having to anesthetize her twice within hours; once to be  x-rayed and a second time to reset her joint. These details are not to solicit sympathy for our gal but to paint a picture for you of the amount of chemicals this small (20 lb.) dog’s liver had to process on top of 5 years of worming, rabies shots, flea shampoos not counting any influence from commercially prepared snacks or foods she may have eaten.  

The 4 month process was pretty traumatic for all of us and was telling me that there was  something that we were not finding.  Magna had been tightly bound for a week. Yet, when the bindings came off she was still limping. A boil began growing on the toe of the damaged leg. That’s what led to finding that her ligament had been torn. During this time Magna had also vomited yellow foam twice and she had no appetite. At this point my husband and I decided to see if time and home care would allow her to heal rather than go through the veterinary process again.  

I am an Am. Expat living in the under developed country of Honduras. Small animal vets and diagnostic equipment for small animals are limited. I began to research some of the symptoms I had been noticing. Her stools had an orange color to them. There was the yellow vomit to research.  As a naturopath I am aware of meridians of energy taught in Chinese Medicine and applied that knowledge to the appearance of the boil that was growing larger on the toe. All of these were indicators of liver damage. It only made sense that the leg could not heal if the immune system was compromised. Knowing that Green Foods heal, we began a food program which included liquid Chlorophyll and avocado. Almost anything she ate had to be liquefied . 

There was an overnight improvement. She using the foot with more confidence.  Yet, experience had taught me that when there is an emotional investment in a problem our natural logic can become distorted.  I remembered that animals are much more sensitive to herbs and oils than people are. I needed advice from a holistic vet. I found Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy online.  They have nutritional/herbal programs for many diseases including liver damage. Their liver program made sense to me from an herbal and nutritional standpoint. Herbs for cleansing and healing, high amounts of plant based foods and green food supplements. It was the same principle I was applying in using the Purium Detox Program to heal a tooth infection.
Our living outside the US requires patience or creativity when having items being delivered to our door. For that reason I decided to adapt the Five Leaf food program to the herbs we had on hand. I used red clover and yellow dock , then cornsilk for kidneys,  EPA oils and Green Zone powdered food product from Nature’s Sunshine. The Green Zone is one that I suggest in many of my healing programs.

 Within days Magna was using all four feet equally. She is back to swimming and moderate running.  She will still favor her foot  when she is fatigued or stressed but after 4 months of distress it is wonderful watching her return to normal.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Bringing Your Body to its Pefect Form


Of the 3 basic components that can bring your body to its perfect health and form, water is the easiest to incorporate. Not everyone is ready to commit to the kind of 10 Day program I completed last week  but increasing your water intake is a small commitment.  Just as water cleans and purifies everything in our environment it will remove impurities stored in cellular tissue and soft joint material. Over50% of the human body is fluid, yet we lose over a liter daily; 300 to 500milliliters through simply breathing not to mention urinating and sweating. Some sources say that soft drinks, juices and caffeine drinks can be considered water replacements…they may be fluids but do they offer the cleansing of water?

My neighbor loves to entertain and would cook copious amounts of steak, seafood and poultry to regularly entertain friends. This way of eating plus social drinking became a normal lifestyle for him. By the time he was 40 years of age he was having chronic sinus congestion with headaches, along with back and knee pain. A very wise doctor told him to reduce his consumption of animal protein and get off of all beverages except water. He was to drink 2 liters of it every day. Within 5 months the headaches were gone, sinus problems cleared, back and knee pain gone and he had dropped 15 pounds.    
If you are a baby boomer you may recall Dr. Stillman’s Quick Weight Loss Diet. It is designed around eating six small, low carbohydrate meals, daily along and consuming eight glasses of water a day. One of the things that impressed me about the Purium program I just finished was its direction of consuming something light every 2 hours and drinking water.

 If  healing is a priority over weight loss you may find answers in a book titled Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by Dr. Batmanghelidj.  What you will read is a synopsis of the doctor’s 12 years of clinical and scientific research in using water as the only medicine.  Dr. Batmanghelidj claims “ It is chronic dehydration that is the root cause of many of the diseases we confront in medicine at the present”.

Water is basically free. It has no negative side effects. Why wouldn’t you try drinking 8 glasses (3 L) a day?  Check in a few days and I'll give you another tool for healthy change.
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