Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Outside of conventional medical practices are the ‘Alternative Therapies’. These include Reiki, massage, herbal or homeopathic remedies, and energy or touch point therapies. Any and all of these can be very effective; however, they are passive –meaning they are done for you or to you. They can restore well-being and help strengthen the body but may NOT maintain a healthy balance indefinitely without uncovering the patterns that triggered the imbalance. Spiritual healing is pro-active. It requires your participation and becomes a journey of empowerment and wholeness.  

Most dis-ease stems from a metaphysical base. When I use the term metaphysical, I mean beyond the physical.  We may want to blame stress, the environment, or our bodies; however, two people can experience the same stress or trauma with only one falling ‘victim’ to it. The weakness comes from what we believe about ourselves in our relationship to others, the world around us, or even our thoughts about life and death.

Growing scientific evidence states that toxic emotion can contribute to disease or destructive relationship habits. Awareness that emotions, feelings and the power of thought have a direct bearing upon our physical health becomes one of the first steps into spiritual healing. A willingness to consider that we are in some way co-creators of what has happened to us, begins the understanding that we have the power to be part of correcting it.

SPIRITUAL is not RELIGIOUS. Although many spiritual people are religious, there are just as many religious people that are not spiritual. Spiritual is recognition of how we are connected to all other life.  Our inability to understand this is the cause of most of the imbalances in our culture.

We are muti-dimensional beings. In ancient times there was a greater understanding that declines in health or happiness were a reflection of an emotional or mental (spiritual) imbalance. Priests or priestesses were the healers of the time. The popularity of the Hawaiian healing technique, Ho’o pono pono,  has brought a resurgence of this  awareness into the 20th century. There is an ever increasing interest to learn how the mind influences the body for optimum health. Spiritual Healing work empowers people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts with positive beneficial ones. 

People referred to as Spiritual Healers are simply guides, teaching techniques that offer others awareness.  Although I was working as an alternative healer, I felt I was within conventional procedures using my degrees as a Traditional  Naturopath (T.ND) and Master Herbalist. It was after I began to apply what I had learned and personally practiced from traditional elders and though Metaphysics studies that new referrals invariably would say “I was told you are a spiritual healer.”

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This famous physicist is one of my favorite philosophers so when I saw his image and quote  floating around on Facebook it immediately got my attention. In reviewing some of the comments on the post I was surprised to find so much controversy over whether or not Albert Einstein actually said these words or would have even thought them. However, the words spoke to me. I felt their TRUTH.

For over two decades I have studied and used subtle energy in my health practice. It is one of the tools I teach individuals to bring positive change  into their lives for their health, happiness or career path. Maybe this is why the quote impacted me so. It took something I BELIEVE and simplified it into something my core KNOWS to be true. BECOMING THE VIBRATION is simpler than it may sound, however, it does take being PRESENT. That means being aware of your thoughts sufficiently to return them to a positive state when your mind strays…and it will.

There is a line in our mind’s thinking that needs crossed to move beyond one energy vibration to a higher one. This line is something like an energy rut formed from complacent repeated thoughts about a subject. Generally, we are so busy getting through events or issues that we can’t see beyond them. Our mind returns to the same negative point  and repeats the beliefs and behaviors that haven’t worked before…until we become fed-up.  Dissatisfaction invariably leads to change and the more dissatisfied we become the stronger the emotional energy force to help us leap forward. I give more details on this in my book SHIFT: A 5th Dimensional Approach … Positive Change does not come from vengeance, condemnation or a victim viewpoint but it can come from anger. Anger is a divine gift that acts as a catalyst, stimulating action. It clears the fog, leaps the rut and influences our minds to design an escape. It creates new options.
Once a new mental image exists, begin to see yourself within it. Can you feel a sense of happiness or success in this perfect solution? Be aware of what's around you: what do you see, smell and even taste? What are you wearing? What do you hear around you? The more senses you are using the greater the reality you create. Planning each step of the way is not important. Sense your happiness. When your day leaves you less than happy, go back to your image and revive it. If you are one who finds it difficult to visualize, I have a way to help with guided visualizations.

 Whether Einstein really said the words in the opening image is not as important as the fact that I’ve found the practice to work. I've used it many times for myself and in helping others. To become the higher vibration, form an image. Then become it.  Or "become the change you want to see"

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